On June 8th, award winning drama editor, Stephen O'Connell will host a practical workshop exploring his process of cutting drama. More details to follow.


Screen Composers Guild of Ireland Workshop

SCGI Presents: Delivering the Music; Conversations with the Sound Department (Film and TV) workshop led by Niall Brady. May 16th at IMRO, Pembroke Row, 6-8.30pm

Cost: Free to members of Screen Composers Guild of Ireland, €10 for non members.


Niall Brady M.P.S.E, of Ardmore Sound, will be joined by a panel of post-production sound professionals for this workshop on delivering music to and working with the wider post production sound team. They will identify roles and responsibilities, technical aspects, current trends and changes, communication management and collaborative working techniques. This workshop is suitable for composers for screen, post sound department roles, directors, editors and producers.


The panel will be made up of Niall Brady, supervising sound editor, Derek Holland, features and TV Editor, Ray Harman, composer, Cathleen Flynn, music editor and composer and Stephen Fanagan, sound designer. Stephen will join the panel from London via Skype.


To register for workshop please rsvp . Places allocated on a first come, first serve basis.


Further information is available here.


The ISE Mentoring Scheme is designed to provide up-and-coming editors with an opportunity to experience how more experienced editors work. This scheme differs from “assistant” placements or “work experience” in that the mentee is not expected to contribute to the work of the edit suite: they are there to see how the mentor works, how they approach their day, and how they deal with directors and producers over the course of that day.


The format of the mentoring is built on observation and dialogue. The recipient of the mentoring will spend two days in the edit suite of the mentor as they work. The setup is informal, and intended to be be unobtrusive; it is vitally important that the mentor’s work should not be compromised by the presence of the mentee. Further information is available here.


The first participant in the scheme was Dave Thorpe who spent time with acclaimed editor Tony Cranstoun A.C.E. and has written a piece about his experience observing Tony at work.